July 23, 2023

Washington state becomes national leader – in overdose deaths

Legislature’s two-year experiment with weak, unenforceable laws against hard drugs brings death across the state, say members of Senate Freedom Caucus OLYMPIA – Washington state has become a national leader in drug-overdose deaths, according to new figures from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and senators say credit goes...
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February 01, 2023

AUDIO: Democratic proposal for compulsory voting is ‘un-American,’ senators say

You’d be required to vote under a bill proposed by state Senate Democrats. Tracy Ellis explains.
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January 31, 2023

Democratic proposal for compulsory voting is ‘un-American,’ senators say

Unprecedented in U.S., bill would require Washington residents to cast ballots in every major election, end right not to vote OLYMPIA – A proposal from Democratic lawmakers that would require Washington residents to vote in every major election is an assault on freedom of speech and a fundamental American principle,...
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January 08, 2023

AUDIO: Governor’s new stand against homeless camps leaves senators wondering: What took so long?

The state Senate Freedom Caucus says the governor is finally telling people what they want to hear about homelessness, but it’s meaningless unless hard-drug penalties are restored.Tracy Ellis explains.
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August 29, 2022

Honoring Doug Ericksen, WPC’s 2022 Champion of Freedom

Nimble in speech and quick of mind, Senator Doug Ericksen was first and foremost, a gifted communicator. When confronted with a policy challenge, Senator Ericksen was a master of verbal jujutsu, stripping an issue to its core question and striking back with an analogy that put his opponent on defense....
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March 08, 2022

AUDIO: Freedom Caucus accepts Inslee invitation, waiting for response from governor

A group of Republican state senators say they want to take the governor up on his offer to sit down and show them his COVID numbers, but he isn’t getting back to them.Tracy Ellis reports.
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